Web 3.0 and the Semantic Era!

We know that web has changed from what it was to what it is! And can you imagine what it will be? Web is going to be your future personal assistant; it will be the primary resource of mankind’s knowledge. Web is already a great way of your communication and social acting. Web will be more secure and intuitive easy way of personal and mass communication, home management, everyday life facilities and many more.

Can you ideate what will change this web from the current state to the next new generation? Actually the process has already been started.

Heard of Semantic Web?

People behind the web is talking a lot about RDF, Semantic web, OWL, Web 3.0, RDFa, XML, XHTML and a lot of things. Thinks may seem a little bit nerdish or geeky, but be sure these are really not so! You can understand these if you can just THINK.

So let us speak semantic….

I am working on semantic web and going to blog and share some of my experiences here. So please, keep hearing (reading!).

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