Visual Studio Key Binding

Developers use various IDEs and although Microsoft Visual Studio is a very popular IDE, everyone don’t know all the key bindings. Likewise, many of us know F5 is used for starting debug, but how many of us know CTRL+ALT+H “Displays the Thread List window”?

OK, all we need is a poster or a card that lists all the shortcuts 🙂
Although u don’t have to do a lot of google, it is good for me to place the links to these cards or posters in a place where I can go easily. So, here are the links of key-binding card/posters for all three versions of Visual Studio I’ve used so far:

Don’t waste your time with the menus, use short cuts and be the fastest programmer with MSVS 😀

(I am trying to get used to with these shortcuts, wish me good luck in this)

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