My new computer on my lap :)

Hey it is a nice Thursday, and I am now using my pretty new lovely laptop that I got in my hands on 27 July which my Nani (grand ma) gifted me (may be as a graduation present or something). I was so excited from that time on, and so INTO laptop that I passed my whole day checking and configuring it.

Getting a new computer is always a very important occasion and setting it up is pretty eventful. You need to setup the operating system, personalize all along, make partitions, install apps, tools and driver; many things u have to do. So, yesterday was a very busy day. Thankfully I had a Belkin Easy Transfer kit and thus I could transfer all my files and folders and apps from my desktop to it so that this little beast can feed me with what I want.

Yes, this beast is powered with a Intel Core i5 processor, which runs 4 threads at 2.44GHz (boosted up to 2.6 GHz), a high performance mobile graphics processing unit from nVidia (GeForce 310M) supporting 73 Gigaflops running on 16 CUDA cores with 512 MB GDDR3 at 800MHz memory clock and 1530 MHz processor clock. It also has 4GB DDR3 memory, 320GB storage space, a 720p HD antiglare 14” display, 6 cell Li battery backing up 4+hr and other things I need to keep with me.  Have a close look if this below in the pic:Sadh's Vostro 3400 Laptop Now, I can post blogs even when powers are out, I do not have to get interrupted watching movies for load shedding, I would not have to get bored in the traffic when I’ll have this portable computer with me in the car 🙂

Thanks to my family, they have brought me up in such a nice way and I am now a software engineer and they fulfilled me with everything I needed and now with this nice little present. So lovely of them and so kindness of my Lord (Allah SWT).

I’m enjoying my life, I got such a nice family and I can live with them and sleep happily every night; you have every right to envy me, but I envy my childhood.

6 thoughts on “My new computer on my lap :)

  1. your beast is pretty powerful as much as my little brain understands. by the way whats the model id? and what about the price……… i hope you would not mind to tell…. can mail me..


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