Statistics as a subject for Computer Science Student

I am a recent graduate and I studied CSE (abbreviation for Computer Science and Engineering). From the first term of my study in my varsity, I found it pretty nice as a subject, but what came to me as the pain on my a$$ was the chunk of other subjects, what we colloquially named Non-departmental Subjects 😉 We guys down there never wanted to study those and deliberately ignored them. But the question is, are they really necessary? My answer was, “Absolutely not!” [off the record: absolutely not, unless taught in a way optimized for CSE geeks]

Whatever, one day, when I was attending the Statistics class, our mathematics professor asked, “Why do we need to study Statistics as a student of Computer Science and Engineering?” ok there is a pretty big essay I made as a answer and I found that there are some necessity really…

Here goes the essay, be bored 🙂

I started with a paragraph, posing the definition, like this,

Statistics is the mathematical analysis over a set of data in a well defined method to acquire a summarized overview of that set of data. Statistics output the overall characteristic, general trend, average and a well gathered information.

Next, I wrote,

Students of Computer Science and Engineering target to be professionals who develop systems for real life use or analyze real life systems to manage them. And to analyze or develop any real life system one should have the idea about the population concerning the system. So, statistical analysis of data is very important for the programmers to design a system.

Thus it went on,

  • In case of image processing, developers very often need to make binary image (only black and white no grey or tone). Here a threshold (between 0 and 255) is to be selected. But the threshold is not constant for all case. So, for a particular purpose a threshold may depict the best result. The threshold can be selected by statistical analysis of the images to be processed.
  • Character recognition, another example of image processing, requires statistics. If we need to recognize a character of several different fonts we need to define a skeleton structure which matches all. Here again statistics is needed.
  • Search engines like Google or Yahoo! depend on statistics very much. Google searches the node to node connection of hosts throughout the net in a complex graph analysis method. Then the data for each site is reserved. When one asks for the search result on a particular topic Google displays the results ranked by a statistical analysis.
  • Many government organization and corporate house frequently need to process data in statistical methods. To support these companies’ developers need to know statistical analysis.
  • Except from above examples there are a lot of sectors where professionals from Computer Science and Engineering background need to apply statistics.
  • Above all, any application or software which needs to pass Alpha and Beta testing for debugging purpose, statistics is a great tool to direct a correct path.
  • In thesis or project development, engineering analysis can never be accomplished without proper knowledge of statistics.

So, undoubtedly a student of Computer Science and Engineering need to study statistics.

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