Samsung’s research hub in Bangladesh: the place where I work

It is really a very nice event and I’m proud, may be a lot more people is in pride about this.

Many of the reader already know, Samsung has opened its 18th research and development (R&D) center in Bangladesh – a country with a great pool of talent. A lot of these talents usually go to work abroad for lack of suitable opportunities; but with the inception of a world-class research hub in Bangladesh by Samsung many software engineers and computer professionals are now getting suitable job here in Bangladesh.

All these started almost a year back when Samsung Electronics commenced to make strategic plans for opening a new R&D hub in Dhaka and soon the plan started to take shape when 10 software engineers joined in June 2010. Proudly I’m one of these ten. This is my first job as well and I’ll remember my joining for rest of my life (first job and a very decent one after all!). In those days, we used to sit in Samsung’s sales center in Bangladesh because we did not have our own office space! Man! the company named Samsung Bangladesh R&D Center Ltd. (SBRC) was just getting incepted. Soon, SBRC managed to hire a lot more engineers, rent and decorate its own spacious office floors, get registered as a Company in Bangladesh and many other desk-jobs which I hardly understand. In September, we moved to our own office in Uday Tower, Gulshan, Dhaka and some thirty colleagues joined, few more soon and a lot more lately. We started to build up a good relation amongst the engineers – they are from a diverse pool of universities and localities; but soon we found ourselves in a heartily bond sharing, working and learning together. Meanwhile, the management dragged all the company set-up chores with pace and turned SBRC into a state-of-art research and development center.

Work environment here is really cool – we work hard a lot, but often we find ourselves giggling and enjoying amidst team members in tea-stalls or cafeterias. People get trouble in getting used to with new platforms or technologies, but every other engineer comes to help – we never get stuck for not knowing about something. As it is a R&D hub, we are always working with new technologies; one helps other to learn them. There are senior engineers as well as fresh graduates – we don’t classify ourselves with year of experience here but each of us has already made a very friendly environment so everyone feel free to contribute his/her best in any project. Really this has turned into a very good place to work in.

Samsung is a good and well known brand for electronics, consumer goods, computer accessories and mobile devices in Bangladesh. But, it turns really awkward, when someone get confused with us assuming it as a service center or support office – may be due to lack of propagation of information; Samsung  has not loudly spoke about its R&D center yet in Bangladesh. But on 12,Feb’11, Samsung Bangladesh R&D Center, Samsung‘s newest R&D center in Bangladesh, is holding its Grand Inauguration Ceremony and soon the mass of population will know about it. They will hear about the first world-class research hub of a multinational company in Bangladesh. Besides, I really feel most proud of myself, when some one calls me on my cell-phone and asks about the most lucrative job in Bangladesh for a Software Engineers – a job in SBRC. My friends and acquaintances of them asks me about how the job is here, how they recruit; or someone excitedly  tells me s/he is going to join with us soon – these really makes me happy… ‘coz, I have got the chance to work in a very lucrative place for computer & tech enthusiast and working with a bunch of very talented researchers with both good academic background and sophisticated professional skills.

SBRC is starting operation with full pace – a lot of faces are here now. But, I’ll remember a few names who worked really hard to make all these happen. Syed Ahsan Fahmi, a Bangladeshi Software Engineer, who is working at SBRC now as an Assistant Manager, worked almost 24×7 for the formation of the company – he found the best engineers for it, helped hire operational groups and all other chores to set-up this center. I’ll remember Sougata Maity and Chandan Pramanik – two Bengali nice fellows from Samsung’s Indian software operations, SISO; they sweated to incept this organization. Many other have worked hard for it, and off course all its current employees – they all contributed from their place and now we are here, thriving to advance technology in dream of global progress.

Logging off! and welcome everyone to Samsung Bangladesh R&D Center – the place where I work.


UPDATE: Since August 2013, I am no longer affiliated with Samsung, as I decided to pursues a Master’s degree.

As most comments posted here are questions/inquiries to Samsung and SRBD – and as I am not the person to answer, comments are also closed.

15 thoughts on “Samsung’s research hub in Bangladesh: the place where I work

  1. wow,so fahmi bhai did it!!!! great, I was with him back in KAIST,KOREA. nice guy… good to know that now he is here.

    let me what are the requirements to get in there.


  2. Hey vaia, I heard about this R&D center a few days back and goggled it. That’s how i got here. But, now I have a question. Is this R&D center recruiting only Software/Computer engineers?
    Are there any post for fresh EEE graduates?


    1. yes, Samsung Bangladesh R&D hires engineering graduates majoring: Computer, Electrical, Electronics, Communication Engineering from any major local or foreign university.


  3. Glad to know about Samsung R&D at Dhaka. It has already hired huge talented ppl. I am a developer. I would be pleased to be a member of the Samsung team. Can u plz help me.


  4. Hello Vaia,
    I am Raihan. I have faced final viva for the position of “Sr.Executive-A&F”-of SBRC.
    Can u plz. tell-how many days is required for final confirmation after facing final viva?-It has already taken 15 Days.
    I am realy egar to work with Samsung Team in Bangladesh.
    If possible plz. reply with maintaining all restrictions.


    1. I am no more with enough contacts with management support people now to know what is actually going on now-a-days. But the recruitment process has always been a lengthy process with some occasional exceptions where SBRC needs to employ one or two people urgently. That being said, you can generally expect to wait for two to six weeks. Be aware that, unlike some companies, Samsung do not notify rejection. Hence, you can stop hoping for a call after one month generally unless some insider informs you that the recruitment process is still ongoing.


  5. Hi,

    I heard about the R&D centre in Dhaka a while ago that gave an excellent opportunity to local talents like you and others. This is really a great news even for people like us who lives abroad, thousands of miles away with their hearts in Bangladesh. I do look forward to hear how things are going from the employee and employers perspectives.



  6. Hello,

    I am fresher and I have completed my graduation in CSE. Without better knowledge in Java is it possible to join this company? Can u suggest what’s requirements r necessary for CSE students as a fresher?



  7. Bhai, shob e bujhlam.. eto kisu ase Samsung R&D Bangladesh er kintu.. more than 3 years after its inception, it has no official website!! isn’t it very funny and ashamed too. What do u suggest?


    1. SRBD don’t have one because it don’t need one, right? It is a part of Samsung – Samsung has their own to address its clients. SRBD don’t need or won’t have to connect with consumers directly. Or whatever, who cares?


  8. I’m working Veeta mobile phone in Bangladesh accounts maneger.can I get a chance Samsung r&d center my jobs so what to do expriance in mobile phone in 8 years.


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