After Google WordPress is also in April’s business

I went to check my dashboard today, and what I saw is a hype in the stat for today. The stat char looks like it is saying that today my site had a lot more visits than the other days. Have a look into the image below:


On April 1 I have thousands of visit? Nope, It is only 104, a little less than yesterdays! April Fool! Duh!

Just like previous years today Google celebrated April fools day, and as I searched for it, I found some 5 been burst out. Please have a look at: It’s Over: Google Has Already Won April Fools Day 2011. In years before, Google made one grand prank each April 1st, but this year they’ve gone made and came up with some five pranks with two been very prominent: GMail Motion and We are hiring autocompleters.

Now, why shall WP not join? they also made this huge prank!

Okay guys, If you have a blog then please check your stats, and you might get delighted for some while by seeing this much of Hits on your page.


5 thoughts on “After Google WordPress is also in April’s business

    1. they did it lately, I did not see this in the morn – it showed up in the night. More fooling thing was, it was happening all time… after I refreshed the page Fool graph went away and again it came back later when I visited again.
      WP did just pranked a lot


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