HTML5, CSS3 — the lovely couple


Long since the inception of the idea of making a Semantic friendly HTML and designer friendly CSS…
Now, in the early summer 2011 we’ve seen a joint-force welcome initiative for HTML5 & CSS3 by all major browsers with the launch of Firefox 4, Chrome 11, Safari 5 and IE9 and the web world is ready to see the happy reign of HTML5 and CSS3. Opera seems to be bit late now in this regard. But I’m happy to see even IE is up for it!

When I’m posting this blog, HTML5 is still in Working Draft and CSS3 has a Candidate Recommendation . But, hopefully they’ll be standardized soon. For this while, to experience them, you may visit:

Check State of the support on browsers at’s this page

Now, I’m listing some links, which helped me working with CSS3 & HTML5:

Ok, you have read a lot on webpages, now you can have a cup of tea and read this book using Fx4 🙂

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