Eid Mubarak, and I’m getting well

After one month of Siam (fasting) in Ramadan, Muslims celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr on the sight of new moon of month of Shawl. It is a nice and happy gift from Allah to all his slaves and mankind. Eid is the utmost occasion of love and joy when we can meet and greet our friends and relatives – people who touche our hearts.
Anyway, here goes a little graphic work for everyone as Eid souvenir. I’d love if you like it 🙂

Eid Mubarak

This Ramadan had been a bit tough for me. I was suffering from headache and fever for last two weeks and primary diagnoses did not work. For a while we suspected it to be a viral fever somewhat like dengue. But as fever continued to be high as 104°F (40°C) for more than a week and some febrile antigens suggested it to be some kind of typhoid (AH) treatment for bacterial infection started. Alas, antibiotics could not hold me up and I was feeling like helpless. Everyday fever went away and I thought it is over – I’m getting recovered and after some while fever came back and I prayed for cure. Later, I was hospitalized, fever was suppressed with help of anti-inflammatory steroids, have taken multiple doses of several types of antibiotic injections and been through good care of hospital for four days (with a huge bill placed afterwards). All these days my parents were beside me, specially my Ma passed sleepless nights.

Thanks everyone who has wished me best (including those via phone and on Facebook), thanks Ma, Abbu and sister and everyone. Thanks Allah because I’m at least standing in this Eid.

EID Mubarak, once again 🙂

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