ouch, it is a place to work

Oops, what I have been thinking? ooh, yes I was thinking about ergonomics and this is it, we all shall work in an environment which is best for both our work and our physique. :))

So what? I had just been going through a post in lifehacker, it was showing this serene workstation. And it eventually brought in the topic of ergonomics. It suggest that, you place your body in the best way, based on your size. Your hand need not to be placed in an awkward height all day long, rather your hand can remain in elbow height so that you can feel no extra strain. And your monitor shall be in a reasonable distance, do not literally stick your eyes on the screen – see it, look at it, but let not those LEDs hit your eyes. Again, while sitting, please do not release your body on a back of a chair – what you really need is just a lumber support, else your butt might really hurt a lot. Wait, are you forgetting some green? Keep a indoor plant somewhat around your eyes – they’ll please you and keep your eyes fresh.

Work happy, work healthy 🙂

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