Scribbling the social way

Hey reader!

are you there? Oh, yes indeed, or unless you had not been reading 😛
Now tell me what! I have been thinking, what I might write about… I have not been writing anything for so long, I am afraid I forgot how to write a blog. Seriously, once in the ages of no Facebook and no Twitter, when ugly looking dinosaur websites grazed all over the search results (now nice looking useless chimp-made webpages creeps there) only way people could reach other people were those personal blogs. Then were this awesome WordPress and some simple looking not-so-feature-rich websites, people started to call social. We started to get signed up, not just into hi5 or other sites for anonymous contacts of fake identity but into sites of real contacts. That was period when new phenomena, which Tim O’Reilly termed as Web 2.0, started to emerge. So, there was that MySpace – which I never owned but some guy name Tom Anderson did (later he threw it up and decided to pass his times at Google+ as an avid user). It was the first big step towards social, but it was bit messy. Meanwhile, all those people around Silicon Valley started to tweet and some kids in some tech savvy universities started to Facebook. It was then like a boom… boom boom boom

Now, every damn thing is social… When I look up for a movie, it is on IMDB; when you visit a place you check in on FourSquare (=sixteen) or GetGlue; if you like an image you pin it on your Pinterest board; and if you think you puked after the hangover last night you put a seemingly sad status somewhere in any SNS. Even if you want to laugh you do it socially on 9gag. Thing are so amazing in being social that ye also refer to the crowd sourced Wikipedia as a reference (I don’t mean Wikipedia has a lot of misinformation like uncyclopedia, but you know, they are not the authority).

So, people has moved to SNS (urgh… SNS sounds too 2008), and then to the cloud (it has been the executive’s buzzword in 2010&11). And it is not just in the web or software industry, hardware industry is also influenced. That is why, we see mobile manufacturers advertise their product saying how good it is to use Facebook on their mobile; and now those telephone operators are also providing some value added services to bring Facebook to the masses. I heard somewhere from the web that Google has facilitated SMS based GMail services somewhere in Africa. Yes, I’m mesmerized.

Since last week, I have been much active being social on the web and have been checking some more services from the bulk of new social services (so many new of them are coming up every morning). I cannot imagine how internet will look like in next two years? Do you think adult sites will turn social too?

I am much social on the web, but I don’t even know the boy living in the next apartment complex! Yet, I know and have personally met (except a dozen) all of my Facebook connections.

Regards dear reader,
Be happy in your social life; wishing you a healthy klout score.

5 thoughts on “Scribbling the social way

  1. what is that KLOUT score?? I really don’t understand and are we social ??? Its just something that we do to deal with our loneliness, you know but we are not anywhere near to social and i think definition of Being Social changed in this era


    1. visit
      yes being social like we did in the old days were better, but I guess the new era of being social is on the virtual world. Though, I like being with my friends and hanging around but it is seldom possible to hang out now-a-days while SNS at least keep us in touch.


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