Recurring Anniversary

It’s long, seems like one third of lifetime or may be more! Every year it comes back and adds one more year to my age. Some might argue it as one more year spent, I’d say it is one more year earned. 10/10 is arguably the most beautiful figure as date and indeed a nice birthday. 😛 I like this day and celebrate it as well. This day comes with a lot of lovely things, it offers some very nice moment I can have and make me think that this life worth living or worth more than just saying living it, life worth bragging about.

Since my birth, I’m affine to my maa and had all but two birthdays without her. IDK but guess she is the best person I can possibly have in my life. And my dad indeed had been my inspiration and he always presents some aspiring gifts, I love having them, who won’t? And very cute and lovely little sis, she is a source of joy in my life. I love it when we manage to go somewhere; we did it a lot when I was a kid; but now-a-days it is seldom possible. I’m busy, my sis is busy, and everything is less splendid than kid-days. Whatever, I feel like being in haven (+heaven) with them.

Birthday comes with celebrations, I do enjoy it. In 2010 I launched my personal homepage at (I had been using an .org mirror of it from 2009 though). And this was an awesome date: 10.10.10 😀 and a very eventful one. In 2010 I had to go to office, though it was a weekend, for a while and had some time with my first ten colleagues; had a blast at Pizza Hut as they wished me with loud and noisy pizza hut song and made me feel awkward. :O (I faced it this year also, but this time I felt less odd as I was ready). In that year I managed to ask a few of my KUETian friends at home and my cousins and relatives from Dhaka also visited home, so it was such a crowd. And in yesteryear I was far from home, with neither my family nor with buddies at campus; but had all those colleagues whom I made very important friends of mine at Korea. Saif, Sampreeeti, Nishita and Mithun and Anwar vai and all of those fourteen people team from SBRC and Tawhid vai’s four member team with dearest Shovon – we all had few very good time in Korea and never felt far from home with them. We had chance to get closer as it was like living together 24 hours a day. Thank you guys for all the fun we had at Korea 😀 and I had best birthday cake that year.

If I’d to compare all my birthdays, 2009 will be super awesome; it was my only birthday at KUET – my alma mater. I share this day with awesome junior Shaon and Shamsad. And we were together there. I remember that night, I went with many of my friends and passed a long night with few of them. I can remember Rahi and Mahmud Faisal and Ratul, Arka and Parvez and some more; we sat in the field and then by the pond and sang songs and stared at stars. All day long, I felt like having a day. It was probably the best day. Getting admitted to KUET is the best thing that had ever happened to me. I had a very very good long four years of my life there, learnt a lot and earned a lot of friends. My project and thesis partner Ratul, my very close friend Sadre Ala, math genius Arka. And Shovon – I see every damn best quality in him I cherish to have. And that good guy Sourav. My tech guru Srijon; good inspiration Rizel. And Mahmud Faisal – the first person I met at CSE class on the day of orientation, who had a roll just adjacent to me and with whom I had many bitter and sweeter talks. Tanim Khan – whom I met on the day of admission. Atik, Orin, Abir, Bijan, Gourab, Rahh vai, Rana, Imran, Shafin, two Rony, three Amit, – all fifty of them; we lived in the same floor at same hall and attended classes together – they are arguably the most influential people in my life. I met some very amazing juniors including Tanbin Islam, Prateek, Irteza, Shihab MSU, KD, Shoeb Amin, Oba, Sunny, Iqbal, Polin, Nasir, Siam, Fahim, Ashek, Ashik, Abid, a few Faisal… okay hundreds of them are coming in my mind. Months back, this year, I had a chance to go visit my campus for a couple of days; I enjoyed the warmth and love I got there; and most awesomely the way some thirty or more juniors came to the bus-station to see me off. In 2010 we had to leave campus hastily as a hall vacant was announced due to some unrest, so hadn’t felt the sorrow of leaving campus that much; but that day I felt like, I’m leaving my campus – beloved campus.

Yesterday I was browsing my photo albums; I remembered many of my childhood friends at Yeanbu. Yeasin – with whom I planned on making rockets to land on Mars or even on Jupiter at age of 5-6. Shamim, Tanim, Shoeb, Samiyapu, Rahad, Refat – we were a few there; many elder ones left Yeanbu, KSA earlier but we few were of similar age. We didn’t even have a school around, so all we did was playing and enjoying; and we made castles with sofa-foams. Those were some days, seems like yesterday.

And those few people from School! They are amazing. Every day at school was merry time; but now I can manage to see those cute faces from BinduBasini Boys’ only in Eid vacations. Robin, Sandip, Rafee, Shibly, Rony, Dipu, Toy, Johny, Nazmul (I walked back home with him), Atik, Razib, Nirjhor, Ibn Sina, Pritom, Radon, Ovronil, Razon… many of them. And late Salem, whom we lost in the new year’s eve of 2012.  When I go to Tangail and get engaged in timeless Adda it seems like such is life, so many types of friends – all from same group and school but in diverse profession and varied academic paths – doctors, engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists. Love you guys; wish could have some more time with you people.

Today was a nice birthday; had two parties, one with a few friends from KUET CSE, who works at or around Gulshan-1, Dhaka. And another nice one with my family, Maa, Abbu and Sis.

Wish could have another square meal with my peers Saif, Sampreeti, Nishi, Probir vai, Sagor Vai, Anwar Vai, Mithun, Choyon Vai, Deba;  but sorry could not manage one.

Missed Parvez and Shovon and Sourav today.

Thank you everyone; for making every day of my life such enjoyable – filled with so many colors.

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