Defy or deify English grammar?

Apparently, grammar does not bear any significance. Just look around, lay your ears and listen, read status updates, tweets, posts floating abound in streams of social networks – even newspapers, official documents, emails sent by executives. What do you notice?

Every day, with utmost annoyance, I read and hear English sentences, if linguists agree to consider them as sentences at all, defying every rules of grammar. Articles are misused, prepositions are abandoned and conjunctions are forgotten. Forms of words, tenses, plural and singular forms – no one cares about them at all. I often notice, people using noun for verbs and vice versa. I do not understand how people can even utter them; those factions of English word compounds – those grammatically incoherent ‘sentences’ simply sounds odd to me.

However, in the end of the day, we all understand – what they are saying regardless of all those grammatical errors, misnomers, inappropriate usage. Even, some of us often face difficulties in understanding vocab rich eloquent English but our brain can readily comprehend what are told and written ignoring most grammatical rules. Hence, a question definitely arises: “Does grammar bear any significance anymore?” in this cosmopolitan user base of English language.

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