PostgreSQL as Object Database

This is a live blog (i.e. I’d be updating this post time by time.

I am starting to use PostgreSQL as Object Database, mainly as a part of my course project. Object oriented extension of SQL is quite interesting – I, kinda, am loving it. However, all object oriented extensions are not yet implemented by vendors. PostgreSQL lacks a lot of them. Here, in this post, I am going to put notes about what I encounter.

I am using PostgreSQL v9.3.0.

No type inheritance

I tried to use the cool feature of SQL with the keyword under, which was supposed work like extend keyword for type inheritance. e.g.:

CREATE TYPE StudentType UNDER PersonType AS (
    Level CHAR(2)

However, table inheritance is still available, e.g.:

    Level CHAR(2)
) INHERITS (Persons);

List all tables

select * from information_schema.tables

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