Just another comment on Tablets

Today one of my friends was asking on Facebook, what are the utilities of Tablets? I commented what I thought about it, and here it follow:

Until Surface came, tablet was immature. Now, it is getting a shape and user base too. Here, at US, I see a lot of people using tablets. They have a certain, limited, but handy use case. First of all, tablet is light, weighs light and performance is low too. It is designed to be single app threaded (user will focus on one app at a time). You can use tablets while you are on the move, say attending a seminar, waiting somewhere or just not on our desk. Laptops are portable, but those ones which you can carry around with offer too small a view port (13″). They are relatively useless compared to their price range and weight.
If for only reading ebooks kindle (ink based) are best. But, tablets let you browse too.

With all these limited use cases, you can always be happy by having one tablet as your tertiary device, after your computer and phone. For tablets, I prefer Surface, probably Pro. Android tablets are still crappy (you need a great touch screen on tablets if you don’t get a real keyboard). Apple’s tablets are on per and could be best for most users.

I am currently settled with a mid weight, high performance laptop – which gives me most of the computation power I need, yet allowing me to carry it around if I have too.

Next, when I am going to change my setup, I’d like to have a full fledged desktop as primary device and a Surface Pro as on the fly device and probably a Nexus or something light as phone and no laptop.

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