Anguish of BANGLA (script) lost amongst English (alphabet)

Once, I made LikhonPad for phonetically typing Bengali (type using English keyboard and let it convert to Bengali). I never liked phonetic typing, so I ended up building Sonnivo – a very QWERTY like Bengali touch typing keyboard layout. Meanwhile, Avro (a smart phonetic typing tool) became much popular and let Bengali people write Bengali (in English, but finally rendered in Bengali). Then there came, keyboards for mobile phones too.

Yet, people tend to write Bengali, not using Bengali Script but English (subset of Roman) alphabet – which always renders horrible looking text pieces – I cannot bear reading them.

I often thought of building a JavaScript extension for Firefox (and for other browsers, for those to whom it mater) that will convert English-encoded Bengali for us.
The primary problem in building that tool is, I never freaking found time for it, and I often don’t freaking care to give a head to something written in roman letters but is Bengali.
But, naturally, the actual solvable problem will be to define a set of grammars (hence automata) for transliterating En characters to Bn. Nevertheless, everyone do not use same grammar, moreover same person would use different grammar from time to time. Thus, a solution will be to use some AI/ML/DM for this.
Sounds like, a rather much complex solution for a way to easy problem, right?


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