Oh Facebook! plz serve me with better ad

There is an ongoing wave of discussion about Facebook privacy policy update. Apparently, people are more concerned about Facebook policies than Google’s policies while they should be more worried about Google’s.
Now, a lot of so called privacy advocates tell that corporations are selling “you” to make money. Now what is the premise here? Facebook, Google, Twitter etc tech companies are giving you services, quality services and you are not paying a penny. So how do you think they would pay for the cost to run those services?Advertisement is a good source of money for services like Facebook. They provide you with quality service without a charge but in a condition that you’d let them serve you ad. Now, do you want to see your Facebook home covered with tremendous amount of ads? I prefer to see much less but useful sweet ads.

How would they know which ad will be useful to you? They somehow have to infer what you like and what you might be interested in. That is why, they want to analyze your data and usage pattern. They are not going to a different company and giving up your private information to them. Rather, they curate from millions of ads to serve a few that might be of your interest.

Still, they are not super awesome at serving personalized ads. If you searched for a product ten days ago and already bought one, they still serve ads about same type of products. That is totally bad. I am not interested about those; and yet they are charging the seller for those ad impressions. I would rather, see a different product. If I bought a Nikon camera, don’t serve me with ad about a Sony; rather tell me about a tablet may be. Or about lenses at best.
So Facebook, if you can infer what I am buying next, please serve me with best deals out there.

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