New address

"inside the insight" has got its new address. is now I have been thinking of moving my Flagship blog inside the insight from to my own domain A major obstacle of doing so was the online transaction, as I did not have a credit card that can be used to transact … Continue reading New address

After Google WordPress is also in April’s business

I went to check my dashboard today, and what I saw is a hype in the stat for today. The stat char looks like it is saying that today my site had a lot more visits than the other days. Have a look into the image below: On April 1 I have thousands of visit? … Continue reading After Google WordPress is also in April’s business

Randomizing the C++ Random function

In programming, we often need to use the random number generator. C++ also provide us with one function for the purpose, the rand(). Alright, it functions properly, I have nothing to blame it about, but one thing you might have noticed, it always generates the same sequence of random numbers, i.e. these are not really … Continue reading Randomizing the C++ Random function