ouch, it is a place to work

Oops, what I have been thinking? ooh, yes I was thinking about ergonomics and this is it, we all shall work in an environment which is best for both our work and our physique. :)) So what? I had just been going through a post in lifehacker, it was showing this serene workstation. And it … Continue reading ouch, it is a place to work

Colors of Bangladesh – in Joy and with Glory

People of Bangladesh are bit more enthusiast about their national colors and symbols of nationalist glory – partly because they are experiencing new wave of patriotism and partly because Bengali people are always enthusiast about good things; so am I. Yet, it happens to be true that, prescribed use of national color, flag and emblems … Continue reading Colors of Bangladesh – in Joy and with Glory

Google plus (vs) Facebook

Today I, and many of my friends and acquaintances, have started experiencing the new sensation on the web, Google's new SNS - Google+ which people have already started to abbreviate as G+. It was bit tricky starting up with G+, coz like all other projects they have started it with a limited access test phase. … Continue reading Google plus (vs) Facebook

HTML5, CSS3 — the lovely couple

  Long since the inception of the idea of making a Semantic friendly HTML and designer friendly CSS... Now, in the early summer 2011 we've seen a joint-force welcome initiative for HTML5 & CSS3 by all major browsers with the launch of Firefox 4, Chrome 11, Safari 5 and IE9 and the web world is … Continue reading HTML5, CSS3 — the lovely couple

Samsung’s research hub in Bangladesh: the place where I work

It is really a very nice event and I’m proud, may be a lot more people is in pride about this.Many of the reader already know, Samsung has opened its 18th research and development (R&D) center in Bangladesh – a country with a great pool of talent. A lot of these talents usually go to … Continue reading Samsung’s research hub in Bangladesh: the place where I work

Computer Science Brain Hammers

I’m writing here after pretty long while. Several times I felt like writing, but could not do it altogether. Life seems a bit busier. It is almost just a “get up from bed – go to job – drink movie – sleep” cycle. By the way, in a discussion with my colleagues I found myself … Continue reading Computer Science Brain Hammers

Never forget a return statement

Mathematics defines a function as something that returns something upon some input. For us, the programmers, it is not just so… what we call function, in C family of programming languages, is rather a procedure from our perspective.C like languages have a rule that, a function must have a return type, and many internal implementation … Continue reading Never forget a return statement

Statistics as a subject for Computer Science Student

I am a recent graduate and I studied CSE (abbreviation for Computer Science and Engineering). From the first term of my study in my varsity, I found it pretty nice as a subject, but what came to me as the pain on my a$$ was the chunk of other subjects, what we colloquially named Non-departmental … Continue reading Statistics as a subject for Computer Science Student

Tangail, the town that I love

Being a student is always enjoyable and I have been enjoying it much lately until I started my job at Samsung’s R&D. Since then, time is quite  busy and it don’t want to give me enough time. By the way, I had to meet dada (paternal grand pa), nani (maternal grand pa) and some others. … Continue reading Tangail, the town that I love