Recurring Anniversary

It’s long, seems like one third of lifetime or may be more! Every year it comes back and adds one more year to my age. Some might argue it as one more year spent, I’d say it is one more year earned. 10/10 is arguably the most beautiful figure as date and indeed a nice … Continue reading Recurring Anniversary

ouch, it is a place to work

Oops, what I have been thinking? ooh, yes I was thinking about ergonomics and this is it, we all shall work in an environment which is best for both our work and our physique. :)) So what? I had just been going through a post in lifehacker, it was showing this serene workstation. And it … Continue reading ouch, it is a place to work

Colors of Bangladesh – in Joy and with Glory

People of Bangladesh are bit more enthusiast about their national colors and symbols of nationalist glory – partly because they are experiencing new wave of patriotism and partly because Bengali people are always enthusiast about good things; so am I. Yet, it happens to be true that, prescribed use of national color, flag and emblems … Continue reading Colors of Bangladesh – in Joy and with Glory

Google plus (vs) Facebook

Today I, and many of my friends and acquaintances, have started experiencing the new sensation on the web, Google's new SNS - Google+ which people have already started to abbreviate as G+. It was bit tricky starting up with G+, coz like all other projects they have started it with a limited access test phase. … Continue reading Google plus (vs) Facebook

HTML5, CSS3 — the lovely couple

  Long since the inception of the idea of making a Semantic friendly HTML and designer friendly CSS... Now, in the early summer 2011 we've seen a joint-force welcome initiative for HTML5 & CSS3 by all major browsers with the launch of Firefox 4, Chrome 11, Safari 5 and IE9 and the web world is … Continue reading HTML5, CSS3 — the lovely couple

Samsung’s research hub in Bangladesh: the place where I work

It is really a very nice event and I’m proud, may be a lot more people is in pride about this.Many of the reader already know, Samsung has opened its 18th research and development (R&D) center in Bangladesh – a country with a great pool of talent. A lot of these talents usually go to … Continue reading Samsung’s research hub in Bangladesh: the place where I work

Computer Science Brain Hammers

I’m writing here after pretty long while. Several times I felt like writing, but could not do it altogether. Life seems a bit busier. It is almost just a “get up from bed – go to job – drink movie – sleep” cycle. By the way, in a discussion with my colleagues I found myself … Continue reading Computer Science Brain Hammers

Never forget a return statement

Mathematics defines a function as something that returns something upon some input. For us, the programmers, it is not just so… what we call function, in C family of programming languages, is rather a procedure from our perspective.C like languages have a rule that, a function must have a return type, and many internal implementation … Continue reading Never forget a return statement

Statistics as a subject for Computer Science Student

I am a recent graduate and I studied CSE (abbreviation for Computer Science and Engineering). From the first term of my study in my varsity, I found it pretty nice as a subject, but what came to me as the pain on my a$$ was the chunk of other subjects, what we colloquially named Non-departmental … Continue reading Statistics as a subject for Computer Science Student

Tangail, the town that I love

Being a student is always enjoyable and I have been enjoying it much lately until I started my job at Samsung’s R&D. Since then, time is quite  busy and it don’t want to give me enough time. By the way, I had to meet dada (paternal grand pa), nani (maternal grand pa) and some others. … Continue reading Tangail, the town that I love