Setting up NODE_PATH for using global packages via require(…)

Set NODE_PATH to %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules


git push heroku master; server sent publickey

Recently I have been having some trouble with heroku git push from my Windows PC. Whenever I run, I an stung with this message: PuTTY Fatal Error No supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey) I have tried several things like adding keys with heroku keys:add etc. Finally, following helped: Apparently, meta about remote was … Continue reading git push heroku master; server sent publickey

Oh Facebook! plz serve me with better ad

There is an ongoing wave of discussion about Facebook privacy policy update. Apparently, people are more concerned about Facebook policies than Google's policies while they should be more worried about Google's. Now, a lot of so called privacy advocates tell that corporations are selling "you" to make money. Now what is the premise here? Facebook, … Continue reading Oh Facebook! plz serve me with better ad

What is linked list and how pointers work?

Today, I was talking with one of my friends about how we studied data structures in freshmen/sophomore years and how some troubled in understanding pointers. Joel probably says that, it is an aptitude that not everyone can have. So, just then an analogy for linked list hit in my imagination and my friend told me to … Continue reading What is linked list and how pointers work?

Anguish of BANGLA (script) lost amongst English (alphabet)

Once, I made LikhonPad for phonetically typing Bengali (type using English keyboard and let it convert to Bengali). I never liked phonetic typing, so I ended up building Sonnivo - a very QWERTY like Bengali touch typing keyboard layout. Meanwhile, Avro (a smart phonetic typing tool) became much popular and let Bengali people write Bengali … Continue reading Anguish of BANGLA (script) lost amongst English (alphabet)


Yesterday, I needed a tool for reading files as bytes. Hexdump programs generally do some formatting and stuff. I did not want that. I wanted to have a straight forward, simple sweet tool, that simply reads a file and prints it's bytes. Time required for searching such a tool is indeed greater than the amount … Continue reading Read_file_bytes

Just another comment on Tablets

Today one of my friends was asking on Facebook, what are the utilities of Tablets? I commented what I thought about it, and here it follow: Until Surface came, tablet was immature. Now, it is getting a shape and user base too. Here, at US, I see a lot of people using tablets. They have … Continue reading Just another comment on Tablets

PostgreSQL as Object Database

This is a live blog (i.e. I'd be updating this post time by time. I am starting to use PostgreSQL as Object Database, mainly as a part of my course project. Object oriented extension of SQL is quite interesting - I, kinda, am loving it. However, all object oriented extensions are not yet implemented by … Continue reading PostgreSQL as Object Database