Web Colors Chart

Preview of the Web Colors Chart PDF
Colors are beautiful, albeit they are. And we need them a lot, everywhere – in web designing, in using Photoshop, in doing graphic art, vector drawing, in paintings, dresses and anywhere we like to sooth our eyes with, or even to puzzle our eyes. Indeed, colors have names, but in computer, we need to have some models, like RGB, HSB etc. In CSS/HTML we often need to set colors, we can chose it literally from infinite set of them; whereas choosing them from a standard set with some name rather than numbers is pretty worthy. And, we can use the X11 standard for SVG, HTML or CSS.I have prepared a single page PDF chart containing all these color with their key names and RGB values (in both hex and decimal). You can get it from: go.nafSadh.com/WebColorsChart and it is in Public Domain.






Colors of Bangladesh – in Joy and with Glory

People of Bangladesh are bit more enthusiast about their national colors and symbols of nationalist glory – partly because they are experiencing new wave of patriotism and partly because Bengali people are always enthusiast about good things; so am I. Yet, it happens to be true that, prescribed use of national color, flag and emblems are always not clear to everyone. Hence, on this post on the eve of Victory Day – a flag day of Bangladesh, I’m going to brief some points about our things.

National Colors

Although not legislatively established, it is generally held that green and red are the colors of Bangladesh because they are on the national flag. According to “People’s Republic of Bangladesh Flag Rules, 1972” (rev 2005):

The ‘National Flag’ will be in bottle green and rectangular in size in the proportion of length to width 10: 6 bearing a red circle on the body of the green.

followed by,

  • 3-I (a): The green base of the flag will be of Procion Brilliant Green H-2RS 50 parts per 1000.
  • 3-I (b): The red circular part will be of Procion Brilliant Orange H-2RS 60 parts per 1000.

As Procion (a brand of reactive colors) can not commonly be attained in digital media, common maps for these colors are:

Color as per Constitution

Color name in rule book

Color described (parts per 1000)



RGB (web color)


Green Bottle Green

Procion Brilliant Green H-2RS 50


Pantone 342c


165° 100% 45%



Procion Brilliant Orange H-2RS 60

0-100-80-5 No Pantone given #f42a41 351° 89% 88%

National flag has a construct as described:

  • 3-IV (a): When the length of the ‘Flag’ is 10′ its width will be 6′.
  • 3-IV (b): The radius of the red circle in the ‘Flag’ will be 2′.
  • 3-IV (c): Draw a perpendicular on 4½’ from the left hand of the length of the ‘Flag’ and a horizontal line from the middle of its width.
  • 3-IV (d): The Centre of the red circle will be at the point of intersection of these two lines.


Info: In the constitution, the flag is described as,

1-4 (2) The national flag of the Republic shall consist of a circle, coloured red throughout its area, resting on a green background.

With joy and love. “Victory of Bangladesh be fruitful with many more joy”.

Fix Delicious bookmark add-on problem with Firefox 4

Warning info_blue Major text on this post is copy pasted from someone else’s original post

Delicious bookmark add-on has long been my well-utilized tool in Firefox; but problem arose as I shifted from Fx3 to Fx4. This plug-in did not work and Firefox add-on manager displayed an warning saying, “Delicious Bookmarks add-on 2.2.106 is incompatible with Firefox 4.0”. I noticed the problem with earlier beta releases of Fx4 and hoped that this issue would be resolved before the release of the stable version, but it did not.

So, I googled and found some help text as quoted below:

  • From the menu of Firefox select Help > Troubleshooting information
  • On this new tab, near the top, you’ll see a field called Profile Directory. Click the button in the field to launch Finder (File Explorer for Windows)
  • In the window which has popped up navigate to the extensions folder.
  • Inside that should be another folder named “{2fa4ed95-0317-4c6a-a74c-5f3e3912c1f9}”.
  • Inside this is a file called install.rdf Open install.rdf in any plain text editor.
  • Around line 8 you should see some XML which looks like this:
    em:maxVersion=”4.0b3pre” />
  • Update this to:
    em:maxVersion=”5.0″ />

    (See we removed the changed the version?)
  • Save the file and restart Firefox.

The original post mentioned to change the version to 4.0 only by removing b3pre part. But, for updates of Firefox 4 it did not work properly. So, I changed it to 5.0 and started to use Delicious once again Smile