List methods from a source file

Sometimes source files can become quite large. This is common mostly in C. But this may happen in other languages too. It makes working with these files particularly hard. Off-course there are IDEs which lists method and properties and what not. But there is a fun way to do the same stuff using python. The regex for the signature of Java methods is, (public|protected|private|static|\s) +[\w\\[\]]+\s+(\w+) *\([^\)]*\) *(\{?|[^;]) You can use this regex in python and have some fun summarizing your Java source files. Here is the script: on Github and via Gist, Cheers!


Just another intro to Java for newbies

Guys and girls, I have posted a blog on my blogspot long before I had an wordpress blog. I wrote that blog tutorial keeping in mind some difficulties I and my fellows faced in learning Java. I used the same material to coach some younger guys also.

Please check “Sadh’s Intro to Java” and I hope you will get some help starting Java. I will try to make the intro up-o-date and once have done that, I will post the update version into wordpress.