Culmination of next stage of world stability

As we have seen in last couple of centuries, every few long decades the world undergoes some kind of stability shift. This may mean a shift in how government works, or how economy works or can be a change is global power dynamics, as we have most recently seen with the conclusion of cold war … Continue reading Culmination of next stage of world stability


hg commit count in a directory

Today I needed to find the number of commits per file in a directory. Doing that by going into each files' mercurial log and counting manually is a incredibly boring chore. But, the following PowerShell script came to save my life: If gist embed is not working above, click here.

Irony of language fondness

There is an irony about fondness of language in a programmer’s life. I am not very particular about any programming language, I can read and understand and code in quite a few of those. But, my affection is not same for every language I know, and there is the irony. My favorite language is C++. … Continue reading Irony of language fondness

Oh Facebook! plz serve me with better ad

There is an ongoing wave of discussion about Facebook privacy policy update. Apparently, people are more concerned about Facebook policies than Google's policies while they should be more worried about Google's. Now, a lot of so called privacy advocates tell that corporations are selling "you" to make money. Now what is the premise here? Facebook, … Continue reading Oh Facebook! plz serve me with better ad

Just another comment on Tablets

Today one of my friends was asking on Facebook, what are the utilities of Tablets? I commented what I thought about it, and here it follow: Until Surface came, tablet was immature. Now, it is getting a shape and user base too. Here, at US, I see a lot of people using tablets. They have … Continue reading Just another comment on Tablets

Defy or deify English grammar?

Apparently, grammar does not bear any significance. Just look around, lay your ears and listen, read status updates, tweets, posts floating abound in streams of social networks – even newspapers, official documents, emails sent by executives. What do you notice? Every day, with utmost annoyance, I read and hear English sentences, if linguists agree to … Continue reading Defy or deify English grammar?

ouch, it is a place to work

Oops, what I have been thinking? ooh, yes I was thinking about ergonomics and this is it, we all shall work in an environment which is best for both our work and our physique. :)) So what? I had just been going through a post in lifehacker, it was showing this serene workstation. And it … Continue reading ouch, it is a place to work