PostgreSQL as Object Database

This is a live blog (i.e. I’d be updating this post time by time.

I am starting to use PostgreSQL as Object Database, mainly as a part of my course project. Object oriented extension of SQL is quite interesting – I, kinda, am loving it. However, all object oriented extensions are not yet implemented by vendors. PostgreSQL lacks a lot of them. Here, in this post, I am going to put notes about what I encounter.

I am using PostgreSQL v9.3.0.

No type inheritance

I tried to use the cool feature of SQL with the keyword under, which was supposed work like extend keyword for type inheritance. e.g.:

CREATE TYPE StudentType UNDER PersonType AS (
    Level CHAR(2)

However, table inheritance is still available, e.g.:

    Level CHAR(2)
) INHERITS (Persons);

List all tables

select * from information_schema.tables

Rethink database application (for newbie)

It is much said that, most of the applications developed are database applications. Sometimes, this information confuses a newbie. Actually in modern context, database is such a part of most applications that you cannot detach it. From web application to customized application, most has a database behind it.

In modern days, database applications are not merely insert-update-delete application. The power of application development tools facilitates programmers to serve users with a great range of applications. You can design a personal library management tool, shopping mall inventory system or even accounting software. But do not forget the web applications! Now, web applications are the major share of applications developed. In web applications “MVC” or (Model View Control) is a common term. Think about the new craze ‘Facebook’. It has a nice outfit; but it has to manage a bulk of data – store and update them – all these are done with the help of database like ‘MySQL’.

So, database application can be of various nature and facilities. It is not just what is defined – it is what you define, rethink any application, ideate and imagine new amazing software. You can define the new way people will write in, you bring the next new step in social networking and you can help doctors define the future of public health.

What are you thinking? Hey! Don’t stop it, just keep ideating, imagining and be amazed. Your insight is inside your soul – bring it out, redefine world!

Happy thinking…..