Google plus (vs) Facebook

Today I, and many of my friends and acquaintances, have started experiencing the new sensation on the web, Google's new SNS - Google+ which people have already started to abbreviate as G+. It was bit tricky starting up with G+, coz like all other projects they have started it with a limited access test phase. … Continue reading Google plus (vs) Facebook

HTML5, CSS3 — the lovely couple

  Long since the inception of the idea of making a Semantic friendly HTML and designer friendly CSS... Now, in the early summer 2011 we've seen a joint-force welcome initiative for HTML5 & CSS3 by all major browsers with the launch of Firefox 4, Chrome 11, Safari 5 and IE9 and the web world is … Continue reading HTML5, CSS3 — the lovely couple

Rethink database application (for newbie)

It is much said that, most of the applications developed are database applications. Sometimes, this information confuses a newbie. Actually in modern context, database is such a part of most applications that you cannot detach it. From web application to customized application, most has a database behind it. In modern days, database applications are not … Continue reading Rethink database application (for newbie)