Google plus (vs) Facebook

Today I, and many of my friends and acquaintances, have started experiencing the new sensation on the web, Google's new SNS - Google+ which people have already started to abbreviate as G+. It was bit tricky starting up with G+, coz like all other projects they have started it with a limited access test phase. … Continue reading Google plus (vs) Facebook

HTML5, CSS3 — the lovely couple

  Long since the inception of the idea of making a Semantic friendly HTML and designer friendly CSS... Now, in the early summer 2011 we've seen a joint-force welcome initiative for HTML5 & CSS3 by all major browsers with the launch of Firefox 4, Chrome 11, Safari 5 and IE9 and the web world is … Continue reading HTML5, CSS3 — the lovely couple

Fix Delicious bookmark add-on problem with Firefox 4

Major text on this post is copy pasted from someone else’s original post Delicious bookmark add-on has long been my well-utilized tool in Firefox; but problem arose as I shifted from Fx3 to Fx4. This plug-in did not work and Firefox add-on manager displayed an warning saying, “Delicious Bookmarks add-on 2.2.106 is incompatible with Firefox … Continue reading Fix Delicious bookmark add-on problem with Firefox 4

Firefox address-bar search: restoring Google

Firefox is a nice browser, everyone agrees, and many of its default features are really cool. One of the cool features of it is the address bar. In default setting, when you do not put a valid address it uses the Google I’m feeling lucky search and it often redirects you to the web-page you … Continue reading Firefox address-bar search: restoring Google

Join split files in Windows

We often encounter situation when we need to join multiple split parts of a file into a whole file. Say, we have 3 split parts of a file myfile.ext and the splits are myfile.ext.001, myfile.ext.002 & myfile.ext.003. Following command in the cmd will join all of them into one: copy /b myfile.ext.001+myfile.ext.002+myfile.ext.003 myfile.ext Hope it … Continue reading Join split files in Windows

Photo Viewer Background Color problem in Win7

Today, I faced a problem with the background color of Windows Photo Viewer. It was oddly yellow! yak... do you want to see all the pictures on a yellowish background and even all the transparent .pngs having this yellow thing? I guess not. okk, you may not face this problem unless you are using Windows 7 … Continue reading Photo Viewer Background Color problem in Win7