The day I removed Cygwin from my %PATH%

I was trying to fix some issues with iamisti/mdDataTable. It was last updated in Dec 2016, and I was facing problem with even basic use of it. It worked when I made some very little tweaks in the dist JavaScript. So, I forked the repo hoping I can add these fixes. So, there was npm … Continue reading The day I removed Cygwin from my %PATH%


Describe table structure in MS SQL Server

I liked the describe MyTable in MySQL and missed it on SQL Server when I started to work with it. Turns out, there is a way to do the same there as well: This is not exactly the same as describe MyTable but it serves similar purpose.

About Me

THIS POST IS WAY TOO DATED. visit for more recent info.I, Nafee Mostafa Sadh a.k.a. nafSadh iceSadhhire khanShahib, am an undergraduate student majoring Computer Science and Engineering at the Dept of CSE in KUET (Khulna University of Engineering & Technology), a leading engineering university of Bangladesh.I have been working on several aspects of computing … Continue reading About Me