Disqus + GitHub pages

Today I was trying to add a comment section in one of my GitHub pages site. Turns out it is very easy. All you have to do is sign up a disqus account and head here. Then add the following text in _layouts/default.html: https://gist.github.com/nafSadh/75a614b5b7583f1650e528a6bbd880a0 Use the following front material on the page you want the … Continue reading Disqus + GitHub pages

Colors of Bangladesh – in Joy and with Glory

People of Bangladesh are bit more enthusiast about their national colors and symbols of nationalist glory – partly because they are experiencing new wave of patriotism and partly because Bengali people are always enthusiast about good things; so am I. Yet, it happens to be true that, prescribed use of national color, flag and emblems … Continue reading Colors of Bangladesh – in Joy and with Glory

Fix Delicious bookmark add-on problem with Firefox 4

Major text on this post is copy pasted from someone else’s original post Delicious bookmark add-on has long been my well-utilized tool in Firefox; but problem arose as I shifted from Fx3 to Fx4. This plug-in did not work and Firefox add-on manager displayed an warning saying, “Delicious Bookmarks add-on 2.2.106 is incompatible with Firefox … Continue reading Fix Delicious bookmark add-on problem with Firefox 4

Firefox address-bar search: restoring Google

Firefox is a nice browser, everyone agrees, and many of its default features are really cool. One of the cool features of it is the address bar. In default setting, when you do not put a valid address it uses the Google I’m feeling lucky search and it often redirects you to the web-page you … Continue reading Firefox address-bar search: restoring Google

glut in MS Visual Studio 2010 (MSVS10)

One of my earlier blogs, OpenGL and glut in C++ with MS Visual Studio 2008 (MSVS9) described how to set up your Visual Studio and Computer to work with glut, as well as OpenGL. Now with the new edition, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, as the version shifted from v6.0A to v7.0A, we need to change some … Continue reading glut in MS Visual Studio 2010 (MSVS10)

OpenGL, Tree as a fractal, trigonometric Approach

Our goal is to, Draw a tree using fractals with recursion Take user input for: Depth of tree/sub-trees Angle between leftmost and rightmost branch in same depth Fractals are useful way of approaching to infinity and for drawing some real life like objects where same pattern recurs. To do so, we are drawing single line … Continue reading OpenGL, Tree as a fractal, trigonometric Approach

Randomizing the C++ Random function

In programming, we often need to use the random number generator. C++ also provide us with one function for the purpose, the rand(). Alright, it functions properly, I have nothing to blame it about, but one thing you might have noticed, it always generates the same sequence of random numbers, i.e. these are not really … Continue reading Randomizing the C++ Random function

Join split files in Windows

We often encounter situation when we need to join multiple split parts of a file into a whole file. Say, we have 3 split parts of a file myfile.ext and the splits are myfile.ext.001, myfile.ext.002 & myfile.ext.003. Following command in the cmd will join all of them into one: copy /b myfile.ext.001+myfile.ext.002+myfile.ext.003 myfile.ext Hope it … Continue reading Join split files in Windows

List in Prolog

It is important for any programming tool to have some functionality of handling collections like array, list or something else. Prolog use lists for the very purpose and I must warn C/C++ programmers (or even Java, C# or any other C-like language fan) that lists are not arrays but similar to it. A list must … Continue reading List in Prolog

Prolog program to find GCDs and LCMs

The least common multiple (LCM) of two integers a, b is the smallest positive integer that is a multiple of both a and b. Despite of the fact, there exist several formulas to calculate the LCM of two integers, most popular formula, especially to the programmers, is by using GCD of the two: LCM(a, b) … Continue reading Prolog program to find GCDs and LCMs

Beginning Device-independent Graphics Programming with OpenGL (using GL, GLU & GLUT)

We have already set up GLUT and OpenGL [↗]. Now we can start writing codes from the ground up. Create an Empty C++ Win32 Console application and add a C++ source file. Add necessary library headers as follow: #include <stdlib.h> #include <GL/glut.h> ‾ Note» alteration of order will cause generation of error message. Now let … Continue reading Beginning Device-independent Graphics Programming with OpenGL (using GL, GLU & GLUT)

Just another intro to Java for newbies

Guys and girls, I have posted a blog on my blogspot long before I had an wordpress blog. I wrote that blog tutorial keeping in mind some difficulties I and my fellows faced in learning Java. I used the same material to coach some younger guys also. Please check "Sadh’s Intro to Java" and I … Continue reading Just another intro to Java for newbies