glut in MS Visual Studio 2010 (MSVS10)

One of my earlier blogs, OpenGL and glut in C++ with MS Visual Studio 2008 (MSVS9) described how to set up your Visual Studio and Computer to work with glut, as well as OpenGL. Now with the new edition, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, as the version shifted from v6.0A to v7.0A, we need to change some … Continue reading glut in MS Visual Studio 2010 (MSVS10)

OpenGL, Tree as a fractal, trigonometric Approach

Our goal is to, Draw a tree using fractals with recursion Take user input for: Depth of tree/sub-trees Angle between leftmost and rightmost branch in same depth Fractals are useful way of approaching to infinity and for drawing some real life like objects where same pattern recurs. To do so, we are drawing single line … Continue reading OpenGL, Tree as a fractal, trigonometric Approach