Tangail, the town that I love

Being a student is always enjoyable and I have been enjoying it much lately until I started my job at Samsung’s R&D. Since then, time is quite  busy and it don’t want to give me enough time. By the way, I had to meet dada (paternal grand pa), nani (maternal grand pa) and some others. So, I went to Tangail – the city I love 🙂

Now let me share something about my town. It is in a district just in north of capital city Dhaka and a very nice one, she has her own history, heritage and pride. Now it is a very busy town, crowded with many people, and the population is triple than that was 7 years back. I had to leave this town 7 years ago, and it has changed so much… there are many more shops, markets and offices. But, it persisted with its own nature, and one thing many guys who came from other places said that Tangail is a very planned and organized town… yes it true, all roads except the club road is actually either north-south or east-west and residential area surrounds the urban center. Ok, you can go to the Google maps and see it.

Tangail is famous for some of its products including ChomChom (a dairy sweetmeat) and Tangail sari. It is the town of Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani the great leader of the people of Bangladesh. Shamsul Huq, another great leader was from this land. Both of them also cofounded Awami League with Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy. Bongo Bir Kader Siddique (founder of Kaderia Bahini that devastated Paki army in 1971 liberation war), Muhammad Abdul Bari (secretary of the Muslim Council of Britain) are some other famous political figure.

Famous magician PC Sarkar, writer Vobani Prosad, Rajanokanto Guho, Abdul Halim Goznobi, Monmothnath Roy Chowdhury, famous educationist Principle Ibrahim Khan, great philanthropist Ranada Prosad Saha, Promothnath Roy Chowdhury are some famous person from here. Karatia’s zemindar Wazed Ali Khan Panni was a great enthusiast of education and philanthropist. He established and supported several education institutes. He established Sa’adat College in Karatia (famous as Karatia Sa’adat College) which is one of the great education hubs of early Bengal. Bindu Basini Boys’ School and Bindu Basini Girls’ School are two famous schools of Bangladesh which have history of making great pupils for over century (from 1880s) and was supported by santoss’s zamindar and named after Rani Bindu Basini Chowdhurany. Kumudini College, one of the first institute for girls’ higher education is built in Tangail by RP Saha. RP Saha also established Kumudini Hospitals which is the first large free/low cost medical service center in Bangladesh.

In entertainment media Tangail came with some famous and important figures, e.g. Mamunur Rasheed, Khaled Khan, Manna, Amit Hasan, and many more.

Today, students from Tangail are pursuing career and offering service to the nation by being successful engineers, physicians, scientists, architects, artists, media workers and politicians. Maulana Bhashani Science and Technology University of Tangail is turning into a great education institute and is the only place in South Asia where study on Criminology is available.

Ok, I’m a proud son of Tangail so have been boasting much about her. You can know even more from the district portal http://www.dctangail.gov.bd/

Good bye for now, see ya

8 thoughts on “Tangail, the town that I love

  1. Hi, you have a great article here! I was looking for info about Tangail, and what better place than this blog? I hope this isn’t too demanding, but do you have any pictures or videos of any place in Tangail or Dhaka? I would love to “step into” Bangladesh that way since I cannot afford plane tickets…


    1. Its nice you liked my blog and u want to know about Tangail. I’m sorry that I do not have much photo of Tangail, I wish I had. You’ll get a lot of pictures of various places of Bangladesh in flickr. You can also go to the district portal. 🙂


  2. Do you know anything about a village called “Chhayali” in Tangail district ? I was planning to trace back my grand-father’s house there and the only information I have is the name of the village. I searched internet but didn’t get anything clear. Would be gratefull if you can provide any information. Thanks a lot in advance. Also, your blog is excellent – it touched my heart also, as being an Indian with root in Bangladesh, I always dreamt to trace back the root.


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