New home page of

New homepage for as updated on Oc1 10, 2011
World is now-a-days running on top of internet; at least web has turned out to be the most important platform where people get connected and share things. I am also very much involved in using it and last year I launched — my personal website. Before that, I had been using several web services like for my personal weblog “inside this insight” (this blog), for posting wallpapers and digital images I make, flickr and picasa for photos, twitter for public posts and blah blah blah. I have also started to maintain two  Bengali blogs (Sadhubôchôn – weblog and Sulol Songroho – literary malfunctions by me). But they all are spread around arbitrarily. So, I have been planning to keep them in one place.

Yesterday night I managed myself some time and updated my homepage. I made it to contain updates from my blogs and public statuses. I also have added a photo of mine on top of the home page – where I am sitting beside the lake at my Alma mater KUET. After making changes last night, I have rolled them up in the web this morning. I still have some more things add, hope they will come soon. Keep visiting 🙂

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