The day I removed Cygwin from my %PATH%

I was trying to fix some issues with iamisti/mdDataTable. It was last updated in Dec 2016, and I was facing problem with even basic use of it. It worked when I made some very little tweaks in the dist JavaScript. So, I forked the repo hoping I can add these fixes. So, there was npm install and trouble ensued.

I was seeing seeing fatal error messages like this:

AppData\Roaming\npm-cache\_git-remotes\git-github-com-bessdsv-bower-installer-git-temp-5f628818' does not appear to be a git repository

Then I found this:

smikes mentioned,

the official stance of the npm project is that cygwin is not supported

Cygwin had long been one of my favorite tools. But, its prime days are fading. Specially with full Ubuntu bash on Windows 10 makes any Linux emulator on Windows unnecessary.

So, today, I removed Cygwin from my %PATH% on my Windows 7 (Yes I am still using Win 7 on one of my computers).


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